Welcome to our pool

St George’s is a fully accessible hydrotherapy pool with a spa facility

We are located in Dogsthorpe, Peterborough and open to the whole community of Peterborough and surrounding areas. You are welcome to use the pool along with your family members and carers, the pool benefits children, adults, and those rehabilitating from a stroke, long-term condition or from an injury. Since its opening in March 2011, St George's Community Hydrotherapy Pool has helped over 2000 local people providing pain relief, health improvements, and freedom from isolation.  It also offers valuable leisure time for those with learning and physical disabilities.

We would love your support!
St George’s will be one of Waitrose’s Community Matters good causes during March. You can vote for St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool in the newly opened Waitrose store in Mayor’s Walk each time you shop this month. Click the tokens above for more information.